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Leafs @ Devils: Snack Foods Edition.

Alright lovelies, y'all ready for the Devils? Or Debbies as the Puck Huffers call them. And you know a game thread isn't complete unless I bring up food. I love Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. You know what makes them even better? Chilling them in the freezer, OM NOM NOM.


Seriously, it's two dollars of heaven. Clearly, I am a cheap individual. It's amazing what a girl can accomplish for 4 dollars and a dream at 7/11. What are your favorite snack'ems? Is it all sorts of cool things that only exist in Canada?

In between making your custom Slurpee concoction, please remember to do those SPG picks. Thanks babe.

This is your period one game thread. How you doing, newbies? Come out and say hello.