An Easter Tale

Meet Grabbo Weeble. Once upon a time a young weeble was playing his favorite game in a shithole named Montréal. 

(any resemblance, real or intended, to any other resurection parable is stricly the fault of Bob Gainey)

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Grabbo weeble is particularly irascible, and his old coach Bo weevil, didn't like him.

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It should be noted that Weebles wobble but they don't fall down, even when giants try to squish their heads. This makes them particularly suited to playing hockey.

For the statistically inclined among you, here's scientific proof

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Once on a trip through the desert with his team, things went sour

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His "friends" chased him out of town, telling him he will never score 20 goals

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Grabbo weeble got sent to a new team

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His new team is owned by a gargantuan pension fun that likes to heard sheep (and eat them too apparently)

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And next year, they're gonna show Grabbo Weeble the money

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The End

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