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Bandwagon Open Thread: Friday I'm In Love.

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Alright who are we loving tonight? I feel so wrong for liking other teams. Here I thought I was an old fashioned gal but clearly this is not the case when I dig through my drawer of hockey shirts and find items of clothing supporting various teams and players. Perhaps it's like betting; gotta wager on a few different horses. Hey, tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby. I will celebrate by wearing a sundress and drinking bourbon at 10 am and perhaps pretending to watch the race on television.

This is your bandwagon open thread. And here at the games lined up for tonight.

Anaheim @ Detroit 7 EST VERSUS CBC RDS. Whenever someone askes how I feel about the Red Wings, I tell them to watch that one epi of South Park. You know which one I am talking about.

Carolina @ Boston 7:30 EST VERSUS RIS TSN. I'd make a Whaler joke, but I don't have one. Also, I like both of these teams and instead of playing hockey I think they should have a pillow fight to decide the winner. Though my Lucic Lust might be stronger than my love of EStaal.

How goes it, newbies?