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Bandwagon Open Thread: Must Win City.

Tonight is the night for make or break games. It's the night to either force a game seven or to go home. On the docket;

WASHINGTON @ PITTSBURGH 7 PM EST VERSUS TSN RDS. The Penguins have battled back to get a leg up on the Capitals. The series started with the Caps taking two but the Pens pushed back and now lead 3-2 and are looking for the magic win number 4. It looks like the Pens have gotten Simeon Varlamov figured out and it will interesting to see how the Caps counter.

VANCOUVER @ CHICAGO 9 PM EST VERSUS CBC RDS. The Blackhawks have a chance to seal this all up on home ice tonight. Last game Dustin Byfuglien worked over Roberto Luongo and scoring twice. The Blackhawks have held the Canucks off and have yet to allow more than 21 shots on goal. So if the Canucks are going to get anywhere, they are going to have to work for it.

And now some music to get you in the hockey mood. The Huffers declared this to be a song for goalies.


This is your first period thread until we need more room. How goes it, lurkers? We don't bite, promise.