Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Just to recap, Grabbo weeble is a weeble based life form that plays hockey in a large North American city. He wobbles, but rarely falls down.

Grabbo weeble is returning from a stint as the Belarusian hockey team at the world championships. He has grown a powerful moustache, giving him the ability to play all 6 positions at once.


At the airport, a curious group that call themselves the Muskoka 5 greet him. They look, smell and talk like hockey playing weebles, but Grabbo weeble is still a little wary of them.



They encourage him to drag out his contract negotiations, go for the no trade clause then suck as no player has sucked before.

Grabbo is shocked by such talk and quickly touches base with his boss Burke weeble, fresh from his stint as the American IHC entry.



Burke weeble tells him they should meet in person to talk. Grabbo hops the next plane to Big North American City.

While Grabbo dreams about watching his favorite team the Minsk Voltigeurs hoist the Memorial Cup, Grabbo’s plane is blown from the sky en route to his meeting.



Luckily, weebles are encapsulated in plastic and float.

He is saved by Wellwood weeble, who was in the neighborhood transporting the Failville ‘wish we knew about jets’ Spitfires to their glorious defeat in the same tournament.



WW informs Grabbo about the conspiracy he has unwillingly become a part of. ‘See, if I give 10%, 100% of the time, that makes 110% and then they blame the goalie. For the drug addled fans in my town…’

Meanwhile back in Minsk…..

Plans are afoot to establish the Belorusian Hockey League via the destruction of the North American league. Its strategy: establishing teams in non-traditional markets and sabotaging the game where it is already popular.

The captain co-conspirators of the mammalian conspiracy group MCG, Right Breast weeble and Left Breast weeble, had cultivated a network of sleeper agents to do their bidding



*Q - What's the dickhead for?

*A. Not to let the hand to slide off

The key agents were Gary and Ace. The MCG had identified the ability of Gary weeble, even at a young age, to encourage bad judgment among the hockey elite.



Other agents included Garth Snow



Boots, the guys in Tampa, the Detroit police force, and enemas everywhere to which the MCG had a statue commissioned



Weeble pods clones were also grown in a pen outside Viking, Alberta to take the place of players who always respect the ‘code’.



In traditional hockey markets, they would be programmed to be ‘good guys’ that suck. In non-traditional markets they would be the franchise saviors that give unbridled hope to an ephemeral fan base, who then later suck at the requisite moment, breaking the hearts of said fan base.

They could be identified by their colorful attire, their Ben Affleck facial hair configurations and their hate of any Minsk based hockey teams. A faceoff with Grabbo was surely in the cards.



But, the only entity capable of positively identifying the evildoers was Pony’s Hand!



And all sides wanted to get their hands on the Hand..

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