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Bandwagon Open Thread: Grrr Arghhh!

CHICAGO @ DETROIT 7:30 EST VERSUS TSN RDS. So I decided I'd watch all of season one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer today. And I am thinking that Buffy and the Gang are like the Blackhawks. And the Red Wings are like The Master. See, the Hawks are a young, cute, scrappy and likeable group. So I think that makes Jonathan Toews Buffy Summers and...Patrick Kane is Willow? And then you have the Wings, who are old, excuse me, seasoned and mature. They've also done their fair share of slaughter, so The Master. Basically the Blackhawks need to stop The Harvest from happening or else the Wings will win another cup and open the Hellmouth. Oh uhm hockey yeah about that. So the Wings are up 1-0 on the Hawks in the series.

This is your game day thread. There are no SPG picks. But you can discuss the progression of playoff beards.