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Bandwagon Open Thread: Lazy Saturday.

Ah yes well for some reason I didn't think the Caps/Pens was until later and not so early. I was wrong. This is your late thread for the Caps/Pens and later on Chicago at Vancouver. I will spruce up this post too.

This morning saw the Washington Capitals besting the Pittsburgh Penguins. There was concern over what would happen with the NBC broadcast spilling over into the Kentucky Derby. I'd like you to know I have been watching Derby preshow for three hours now and the horses haven't even raced. Did you know Chocolate Candy was named by Jenny Craig?

Tonight at 9 EST is Chicago @ Vancouver. The Canucks are leading the series 1-0 and Khabby doesn't exactly play his best against the Couv;

In his 13-year regular season career, Khabibulin is 6-16-3 with one shutout, a 3.39 goals-against average and a .887 save percentage in 26 games against Vancouver. In 2008-09, he went 0-2-0, allowing eight goals on 40 shots to post a 4.87 goals-against average and a .800 save percentage in 99 minutes of action.


While Huet has a better record with a smaller sample size. It's going to be an interesting game. And probably more blood...

Have at it lovelies.