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Bandwagon Open Thread: Sibling Rivalry, duh.

CAROLINA @ PITTSBURGH 7:30 EST VERSUS TSN RDS.I have to wonder that the other two Staals do during playoffs. Do they just say, "Eff it. Let's go Hawks"? Or are they too busy on a golf course to care about such post season tomfoolery? Are they back at the sod farm, doing whatever one does with sod? Regardless, it's hockey time tonight. The Pens lead the series 1-0. It appears that Tuomo Ruutu will be out tonight and Erik Cole will be taking his place.If you feel like you need to liven up the game, I offer you the legendary Puck Huffers drinking game. Always remember to be responsible, follow the laws, etc. Or just drink plain ol' Hawaiian Punch and sip away. OHHH MANNNNN. Your face is going to be so red after 20 minutes!

This is your game day thread. Have fun with it darlings.