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Idle Hands: Ottawa Senators

So you guys have once again come through with the goods with our Hockey Reference sponsorships. All of the spots have been renewed and a couple more have been added. Now it's time to decide what we want each caption to say. We have 255 characters (including spaces) to inflict as much psychological damage/hilarity. So it's time to put your thinking caps on. No, not the tinfoil ones. Those are for when the league conspires against the Leafs.

Next up: The Ottawa Senators. Here is what we have currently thanks to the general terribleness of the National Capital Region and the contributions of DGB, Jared, and MF37:

The Dynasty That Never Was from the City That Fun Forgot. A fan base made up entirely of bandwagon hoppers, small children, and former (and future) Leafs and Habs fans.

Not bad considering that most of us probably just fell asleep thinking of Ottawa. So the question is: Can you do better?