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Bandwagon Open Thread: Under the Wire.

Early Sunday game always throw me off. This is your thread. Blah blah blah. I will make this suck less in a second.

DETROIT @ CHICAGO 3 PM EST CBC NBC RDS. So the Blackhawks managed to get a win and hold off the Red Wings. The series is at 2-1 Detroit, with game 4 providing a chance for Chicago to even it up at home. There has been much criticism of the wonderboys Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews and their contribution to the series. Regardless, Toews' facial hair is quite dynamic. So enjoy your hockey Sunday. This is your game thread. Let's find some music to kick it all off;


ALSO! It's the Memorial Cup final game between Windson and Kelowna in Rimouski at 4 PM EST. I am sure we will have someone watching that too, giving scoring updates. I seriously wish my picture in picture on my television worked...Y'all know who I want to win the Cup. I think we know who Luke Schenn wants to win...