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Idle Hands: Luke Schenn

So you guys have once again come through with the goods with our Hockey Reference sponsorships. All of the spots have been renewed and a couple more have been added. Now it's time to decide what we want each caption to say. We have 255 characters (including spaces) to inflict as much psychological damage/hilarity. So it's time to put your thinking caps on. No, not the tinfoil ones. Those are for when the league conspires against the Leafs.

This next one on the docket is a huge pick-up - thanks to Chemmy's uncharacteristic quick thinking - and will hopefully heal any rifts from this morning: Luke Schenn. Here is what we have currently thanks the completely acceptable feeling of awe that one should sense when contemplating captioning anything to do with Schenn:

Our Luke and Saviour

Not bad considering that most of us probably just drift off to dreamland when his name is mentioned. So the question is: Can you do better?