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Bandwagon Open Thread: The Battle for Four.

PITTSBURGH @ CAROLINA 7:30 EST PM VERSUS RDS CBC. You know I had this entire post typed out and my browser crashed and ate it? Can you fathom how furious I am at this moment? I am going to try and reassemble the post from what I remember typing.

This would be the pivotal moment in a movie. The Hurricanes are in Must Win City if they want to hang on to take this series to seven. And if modern cinema has taught me anything, it's that spectacular lockerroom speeches will be made and a true leader will emerge and something fantastic will happen. I am seriously in rage because of the crashing of my Firefox.

Onto the song fight portion of this post. The song for the Hurricanes is an obvious choice. Well, two obvious choices. As for the Penguins this is pick number one. And here is their song two. I encourage you to do better than me and leave your picks in the comments.

This is your game thread. Even if it's Tuesday, it feels like a Monday which always sucks.