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What Should the Maple Leafs do with their Young Prospects?

With Luke Schenn last summer the big question was whether or not the Leafs should have returned him to his junior club or kept him up with the big team. If Schenner was returned to juniors he would not have forfeited a year of RFA eligibility, but he also wouldn't have gotten playing time against NHL players. Schenn performed pretty well for a rookie last season, but he was also a highly touted 5th overall player.

The Leafs have some young talent in the wings right now in Stefanovich, D. Mitchell, Tlusty, Hanson and Bozak. Some of them could be 2nd line players and maybe we get lucky and one of them turns into a legitimate first rounder. The question is, do you play them in the NHL or play them in the AHL next season?

The way I see it is if you play them in the AHL they can ease their way into the pro game with less chance of burning out. As Prof. Steve has told us many times, a lot of the reason for Detroit's "young" players being so successful is that they develop for a long time in the AHL and aren't called up until they're 23 or 24. The other option is to throw these kids into the fire, hope they can handle the game without breaking and contribute and develop positively under the Toronto microscope. So what say you Leafs fans? Develop these kids in the AHL or the NHL?