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Bandwagon Open Thread: Easy Like Sunday Morning.

Well darlings I am trapped in my house most of the day because a stupid, effing foot race that winds through town happens to run along my house. It's not like I need to leave my house in the morning, but because I know I am stuck I think of everything I want to go get. Like a Mutant Berry Slushie at 7/11.

Here are your games for the day;

Anaheim @ Detroit 2 PM EST TSN NBC RDS. The Red Wings have one up on the Ducks but it ain't no thang since this is game two. Since the NHL is all over that Crosby/Ovechkin hype city, they are planting seeds of Getzlaf vs Franzen. Minus all that covering and promotion.

Carolina @ Boston 7:30 PM EST VERSUS TSN RDS. Last game the Canes were bested by the Bruins. They were probably overcome with Lucic Lust and forgot there was a hockey game they had to play. This time they will probably be prepared with surgical masks to fend off the Lust as well as the Pork Pox or whatever.

Here's your thread, talk about the games.