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Once More With Feeling.

PITTSBURGH @ DETROIT 8 PM EST CBC NBC RDS. Some time I think I should be a gambling woman. A year ago, even before the playoffs in January I said it was going to be a Wings/Pens Cup Final because that's just how the universe likes to work against me. A year later and it's the same situation. Though it's a bit different now because there is the whole Marian Hossa storyline. It's the grizzled vets vs the bright young whippersnappers. The Nords vs the Eastern Bloc. And for some, Old and Busted vs New Hotness. Octopi will be hurled at the Joe and the Mellon will go to white out. Welcome to the finals, kid.

This is your game day open thread for y'all to be social and discuss and debate who has the superior playoff beard. How goes it newbies? Welcome to the tribe.

Here's some music and get to it;