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In Praise Of David Steckel

  • Dr Steve has a look at two of our lesser known draftees of recent years, Carl Gunnarsson and Leo Komarov (Who idolises Jarkko Ruutu. Super.)
  • With unprecedented access to the NHL's inner sanctums as always, Down Goes Brown brings us the transcript of the interview process over at the Wild.
  • Toronto Sports Media has a wholehearted rejection of the idea of reducing OT in playoff games and touches on Sidney and his aversion to headwear.
  • Which Eyebleaf managed to tear himself away from the march of the Canucks for long enough to write about as well - along with the rest of the fun and games from last night.
  • Joining the FTB for the first, The Good Point chats on matters Tavares, having chatted to the man himself last year.
  • T.O. Sports reckon the 2nd round of the draft will be just as interesting for the Blue and White as the 1st this year.
  • Your name is Jaroslav Halak. You've had a munter of a season, you've just gone 0 - 8 down against the Czech Republic and then this happens. Toskala beware.
  • Right yeah and apparently there was some sort of playoff game last night too. I don't know, didn't see it. News here if you're interested.
  • Playoffs! Penguins 3 - 4 Capitals (Capitals lead series 2 - 0).
  • World Championships: Hungary 1 - 2 Germany. Denmark 5 - 2 Austria. Sweden 6 -3 France. Slovakia 3 - 2 Norway. USAHAHAHA! 3 - 4 Switzerland. CanadaAHAHAHAHA! 3 - 4 Finland.
  • All of which means your Qtr final matchups/humiliations will be: Russia - Belarus. Finland - USA!USA!USA! Canada - Latvia. Sweden - Czech Republic.