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Bandwagon Open Thread: Cinco De Mayo!

Tonight we have two games lined up. Unless y'all are out being busy with cheap pitchers of margaritas and enjoying Taco Tuesday this will be your open thread. On the docket;

Vancouver @ Chicago 8 PM EST VERSUS CBC RDS. Game three takes place tonight and the series is tied. In the last game the Blackhawks bludgeoned the Canucks, 6-3. The Canucks are down Sami Salo and Pavol Demitra due to injuries. And all the quotes about Dustin Byfuglien in the NHL preview read like "that's what she said" jokes.

Detroit @ Anaheim 10:30 PM EST VERSUS TSN RDS. I figure by the time this game comes around the bulk of you East Coasters would have passed out. Still, there is hockey to be had. The Wings and Ducks are tied. You would think by now Jonas Hiller's performance would make the announcers shut up about Swiss cheese, but no. Instead they point out how he is Swiss cheese without holes or something. Much like Hansel, HIller is so hot right now. He held on and the Ducks won the last game in triple overtime.

Happy Cinco De Mayo. I thought this song was appropriate.