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Bandwagon Open Thread: Pining Over Lovers.

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I miss hockey. I miss the Leafs. I was scrolling through my DVR and found I still have the Valentine's Day game with the unreal third period against the Pensguins saved. Of course I am watching it right now. In my blue Snuggie. That I may or may not put a Leafs logo on. Ponikarovsky just scored. There are two games lined up for tonight as well as my usual Parks and Rec, Office and 30 Rock. Oh Matty Stajan just scored! Yes this thread is all about me. Here are your games for the night;

VANCOUVER @ CHICAGO 8 PM EST VERSUS RDS CBC. The Canucks are leading the series 2-1. The Blackhawks proved they weren't going to go down without a fight, battling back from being down 3-0 to eventually lose 5-3. Roberto Luongo had a fairly light workload that game, facing 26 shots on goal. Sami Salo is still a question mark on the Canucks roster, with his injury. The baby Blackhawks will have a tough game with all those Swedes.

DETROIT @ ANAHEIM 10:30 PM EST VERSUS TSN RDS. The Duckies are so far proving to be the little team that could. They beat the Sharks in the first round which still says something despite San Jose choke tendencies y'all talk about. Jonas Hiller has been clutch and has a solid team in front. At least the Wings are getting a workout. The series stands at 2-1 Anaheim. James Wisniewski probably won't be playing as he was hospitalized with a bruised lung which means the Ducks will still be sorting through their defensive pairings.


This is your game thread. Enjoy.