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A Call To Arms

Well, it's also a call to alms. This may be new to some of you that were not around last May during the playoffs. Just over a year ago SBN Hockey Megaverse Overlord James Mirtle alerted hockey fans throughout the web that a new statistics site had launched. A group of devoted hockey fans would have appreciated the excellent work behind bringing together a wealth of information under one roof.  A group of devoted hockey fans with a penchant for troublemaking might find an entirely different angle on the new website:


That is the beauty one-liner you'll find on Jim Carey Price's page courtesy of Kim Jorn. Our community also managed to get our hands on our beloved Captain's page, his wannabe nemesis', the Montreal Canadiens, and the other team from Ontario (no, not Hamilton). Puck Daddy scooped up Chris Pronger and a hilarity arms race was off and running.

This is where you good folks come in. Last year it would have been impossible to accomplish this feat without the generous donations from around the interweb. This year is no different. If you want to take part in tweaking the noses of our rivals you can send money via Paypal or EMT to my e-mail pensionplanpuppets at gmail dot com. We'll keep track of our progress in the sidebar. Right now our goal is $180 so that we can renew all of the pages. Actually, we're kicking in $50 so we're looking to raise $130.

If we go over our goal there are quite a few pages still available so keep an eye on any potential targets. We're going to set the pages to link over here instead of the listing page we did previously because that's probably the best way to introduce anyone clicking through to the Barilkosphere.