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Bandwagon Open Thread: Friday Night Last Orders At the Pub

You know how it goes; two games on the docket tonight. And Lily Allen wants you to enjoy your Friday. Let's get down to it, shall we?

WASHINGTON @ PITTSBURGH 7 EST VERSUS RDS CBC. Right now the Caps are up in this series 2-1. All sorts of drama has been surrounding Crosby and Ovechkin and whiteouts and death threats and do I really need to continue? Let's just play the game and call it a day. Kris "Oh Heyyyyyyy" Letang was the hero of the last game scoring the overtime winner. The Pens had all the momentum to dominate the Caps but Varly and Co wouldn't let it happen. I suggest turning off the audio for this game to prevent spontaneous bleeding of the ears.

BOSTON @ CAROLINA 7:30 EST VERSUS RIS TSN. The Canes are up 2-1 in this series and won in overtime the last game. I could have sworn I just wrote something like this for the game above...Carolina seems to have Boston's number and it's been an entertaining match up thus far. The Canes fans clearly love their team, at least for the moment which is more than I can say for other teams. If your night is feeling a bit dull, give the Staal Bros. drinking game a try, be responsible blah blah. And it still is playable even if the Staals aren't facing each other.

This is your game day thread until it gets too stuffed and someone makes a new one.