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Second Verse Just Like The First

Forgive us the tardiness but as we mentioned before Mattblack got a brand spanking new job (no actual spanking involved) in the real world and we needed a new FTBer to join the team. Also, SBN launched a bunch of changes that will help us improve the site. Toss in a sunny weekend and you get an FTB at 10am. Tomorrow we'll be back on our wonderful schedule of having an FTB up before I even wake up. Who will be providing it? Well, let me be the first to welcome blurr1974 to the PPP team. You'll notice that he's on the masthead at the bottom of the page. He'll be doing the weekday FTBs while Mattblack will come out of hibernation on the weekends to confuse us with his Britishisms. Ok, onto the links. Forgive me if I am rusty.