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I Scream, You Scream...

We all scream for Hump Day!



  • Our very own Wrap Around Curl releases her manifesto.  All your blogs are belong to us.
  • Loser Domi takes the time to tell us all what's on her mind as these finals roll to a close.  Plus, some season ending Leaf awards!
  • TSM rattles off a few issues.  Check out the latest on the playoffs, the Coyotes hearings, something called "baseball" and, oh, a question...Kabby for Heatley?
  • Toronto Mike bids adieu to Justin Pogge.  Again.
  • On this, the 16th Anniversery, Four Habs Fans give thanks to Kerry Fraser.
  • The Hockey News brings 10 prospects to light. Could one of them be the next Zetterberg?
  • Speaking of Zetterberg, TO Sports wonders if he could be the 2009 Conn Smythe winner.
  • The Slap Shot blog tries to make a case for a few other playoff MVP worthy candidates.
  • Hockeysfuture has a breakdown of the 2004 Sharks draft performance. This is the team Analysis Steve thinks the Leafs should be modeling themselves after.
  • Last night's game is broken down by Puck Daddy.  Meanwhile, the Pens Blog succinctly wraps up Pens fans feelings everywhere.