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Groovy Times

We're living in 'em.  New coaches abound in Maple Leaf Nation this morning, and I think we can all agree, that's pretty groovy.

  • TSM breaks down the front office spring cleaning Brian Burke has been up to, the brouhaha-a-brewing between our "pal" Damien and Bruce Dowbiggin and calls out a few bloggers (cough, DGB, PPP, eyebleaf, cough) as well.
  • Down Goes Brown takes us on a trip down memory lane. Complete with video!
  • Leafs Leaks summarizes the last 48 hours in Leaf Nation, as well as some happenings around the league.
  • BMR hypothesizes some reasons for the dwindling Canadian Cup Finals TV ratings.
  • Our pal Sleza croons a melody to her team of the hour.
  • The Hockey Writers remind us that Fridays game is an historic one. There's only been 14 other game sevens in Stanley Cup finals history, and the odds are stacked against the visitors.
  • The Fanhouse wants to know, after the cup is awarded this Friday, and the captain has hoisted it in the air, who's grubby mits does it go to next?
  • And lastly, in case you didn't notice it in the sidebar, the X-Box exclusive PPP Summer League is a go.