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Wake Me When it's Friday.

I'm just gonna come right out and say it.  Thursday sucks, I'm so over it.  What's up with Thursdays anyway?  It's not like it's after Tuesday, so why start with the same letter?  And how come it's got to get in the way of Friday?  If there were no Thursdays, today would be Friday.



What's that?  It is...?  Well then, carry on. 

  • Down Goes Brown gives you all the signs to watch for tonight so you can predict the winner.  Nothing in there about a refund if you place a wager using his methods, but he's a stand up guy, I'm sure he's good for it (I kid, I kid.)
  • Be still my beating heart. The man, the myth, the legend, Norte is getting in the rumor game with his latest post. Check out "He Score, He Shoot," but only if you haven't just eaten.
  • TSM takes Lankhof to task, praises Cox (again, it's some kind of alternate universe we're living in now) and has a rumor on the Monster. And, Doug Gilmour is a drunk. Like that's a bad thing suddenly...?
  • Far Away Leaf lives. He wants you to know that.
  • Norman James gives Pens fans some hope, and Wings fans something to think about.
  • MLHS takes a look at the top 5 prospects in the upcoming draft and gives us some scenarios to chew on.
  • As we get ready for the cup to be handed out, Dominik reminds us of the lengths players will go to for the opportunity to lift the Stanly Cup.
  • Speaking of drinking, Barry Melrose Rocks has a clip of a Penguins fan professing the greatness of Keith Jones.
  • NHL2K10 has Ovechkin on the cover. Puck Daddy has the scoop, and a pic!
  • Meanwhile, Second City Hockey talks about the upcoming NHL10 from EA Sports. Giggity.