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The End of the Road.


All paths to Lord Stanley end here. It's been a battle to get to game seven of the final. Even though we knew the Leafs were so far from touching the playoffs, there is a feeling of...something, because the season is truly coming to an end. Perhaps it's just a short while until the beginning of next season, but for us hockey fans its more or less eternity. In the meanwhile we will be pouring over the draft prospects and trying to predict the moves the club will make. Even after the Draft, we'll analyzing but hopefully panicking less. What do we have in store tonight? Marc Andre Fleury is going to see if he can stand tall when it counts and hold off the Red Wings at the Joe. The Wings will of course be fierce with the home ice advantage and the Penguins will be throwing everything they have at Chris Osgood. Dan Bylsma ate his lucky burrito and Evgeni Malkin's mother made borscht. Henrik Zetterberg will be one of the top threats to the Pens. I wonder how this will all unfold. Well after tonight, some men will be glad to shave their beards off and others will see it as a sign of the end. It's been a wonderful season and I've loved doing game threads. Thanks for putting up with my insanity and often questionable musical choice and I look forward to next season.'s the commercial.


Also, an amazing Pens tribute video

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Last game thread of the season. Let's do this.