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There Once was a Man From Nantucket

As you can probably guess, most of the buzz today is on the recent Coyotes decision handed down from a US court judge.  It appears to be such a monumental occasion, I've decided to write a poem in it's honor, but I could use some help with the last line. 

Feel free to click on the links for inspiration, and throw in your suggestions in the comments (and remember, innuendo is always more fun, so let's keep the potty words and gutter humor to a minimum, hence my need for help...)


There once was a man named Jim

Who had more money than he could spend

He tried to buy

A hockey franchise...


  • I know, I know, I just said all Coyotes links, but Loser Domi gives us part three of the Leafer Year End awards. If you never knew before, there are certain rules of etiquette when it comes to the appropriate time to draw on your drunken passed out friends.
  • Bitter Leaf mf37 has a warning for all you potential Heatley courters.
  • MLHS weighs in on the net issues facing the Leafs. Could the Monster be the solution, and what's to happen with Pogge? Ya, I know, another non-Coyotes news link.
  • Steve takes us down a route rarely touched upon. Minor hockey, and it's growth, or lack thereof, in the GTA.  And yes, nothing Coyote about it...
  • Steve @ Hockeyanalysis has details on Gustavsson's first stop of his worldwind tour.
  • Chemmy Edit: GREENER HAS POSTED.

OK, here we go then...