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PPP Is Going To The 2009 NHL Draft

Just a reminder that some members of the PPP community will be heading to the draft. Here's Chemmy's outline of the weekend if you are interested in meeting up wtih us in the city.

The biggest news is that I, along with Robert of Habs Eyes On The Prize, Matt of Bird Watchers Anonymous, Travis of Broad Street Hockey, David of Die By The Blade, Frank of Pensburgh, Jim of Blueshirt Banter, and Brandon Worley of Defending Big D, will have press credentials for the draft in Montreal. What does that mean? Hell if I know! Hopefully it means that we'll get some great audio clips, views from the floor, and a tonne of great coverage for you guys. As always with big events the tech team at SBN has put together a hub to collect all of the network's great coverage. Hopefully, along with the big boys it'll be the place to be during the weekend!

Now, who has some ideas for what they want to see from the draft?