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Super Crazy Important Draft Ticket Update

I saved the day. I think. We are still ironing out the tickets for Montreal. But I got an email from Amanda who is orgnazing all this madness;

Ok... could you please have people RSVP? (The Habs are looking at our numbers tomorrow to decide how much to support the event so the more we have the better!)

The tickets can be picked up between 3 and 5 pm Friday at Ye Olde Orchard (1189 de la Montagne) - it's about a block from the Bell Centre.  The doors open at 4 pm for general admission tickets (which is what we have).

The tweetup is at the same place (Ye Olde Orchard) on Saturday from 1-5 pm. We have some really awesome prizes from the NHL Foundation, and hopefully the Habs will step up tomorrow and get some stuff to us also.  There's free wireless at Ye Olde Orchard also, if you're inclined to bring your laptop along...


This is our best shot for tickets short of committing crimes. Here is the link you can RSVP at; CLICK ITTTTTT. She isn't guaranteeing, but it is worth a shot.

Twitter might save us all. Egads.