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PPP Montreal Invasion Eve

The Itinerary:

Friday, 4pm - Delta Centre-ville Hotel Lobby

Our hotel is pretty close to the Bell Centre, and will hopefully be less crowded than the exterior of the arena which should allow us to say hello and whatnot without a lot of false positives. I'll make PPP hold up a sign like "In accordance with Megan's Law I'm required to notify you of my intent to move into your neighborhood" so you'll know it's us. From there we'll stampede to the Bell Centre around 4:30 to give people time to arrive.

If you're following Wrap's plan to get draft tickets through the tweetup, they start giving out tickets at three, so you should have plenty of time to get them and meet us. [Directions]

Friday, Post-draft: Hurley's Pub

PPP and I are heading to Hurley's where the other SBNation bloggers will be gathering. You're all welcome to attend. Should be a good time. General mayhem elsewhere to follow. [Directions]

Saturday, 9am - Delta Centre-ville Hotel Lobby

We'll stage out of our hotel lobby again in case anyone didn't find us Friday night or drank so much that they forgot our names and faces. At 9:30 we'll slide over to the Bell Centre for round 2 of the draft.You're on your own after the draft, I plan to go antiques shopping. (Just kidding. Someone call the cops and bail me out if necessary before 7pm so I don't miss the free beer giveaway). From 1-5pm the NHL Tweetup will be going on. I think we're scheduled to make an appearance or something.

Saturday, 8pm: Peel Pub

It's only fitting that a PPP gathering happen at a bar whose initials are "PP". The Peel Pub Presents: Pension Plan Puppets Price-free Pint Partaking Party (The PPP: PPPPPPP). That's right. Show up at 8pm and PPP and I will buy you a beer. There should probably be some sort of legal disclaimer on this but basically if there are any questions or concerns about our offer I hate you. [Directions] *Updated thanks to a kind Montreal fan. I know, he was shocked that he helped as well.

You'll notice that the Peel Pub is on near Rue Ste Catherine, so when we're bored of the Peel Pub we'll go see a donkey show or pay midget strippers to stab each other to death or something, who knows?