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Pension Plan Puppets' 2009 NHL Draft Coverage

The day that we have waited for since the Leafs' were officially eliminated from the playoffs last September is finally here. Somehow it matters and it's not even November. Today's draft will receive some amazing coverage from the entire SBN Hockey Megaverse and we're hoping that between Chemmy, Blurr, myself, and guest blogger Down Goes Brown that we'll do Leaf fans justice with what we're bringing you. You've already made your way through Blurr's morning goodness and as this post is going up Chemmy and I are on our way to Montreal while DGB is getting permission to change the channel to TSN.

We're going to have a post go up at 1pm that will stay at the top of the page that will feature Chemmy and my twitter feeds. We've closed the comments on it but it's an easy way to keep track of the contrasting viewpoints of our experiences. Chemmy will give you the fan's perspective and I hope to be able to provide something different/special with my press pass.

Part of the strength of our coverage will come from you folks. We'll have open threads all day (consider this one the first one) and you can fanshot any breaking news. If you are new to the site and want to join in the conversation then today's a great day to start!

Here are the Leafs' picks today (barring any trades while I am on the train):

  1. 7the overall - 1st Round
  2. 50th overall - 2nd Round from New York Rangers
  3. 58th overall - 2nd Round from Carolina via Edmonton and Buffalo
  4. 68th overall - 3rd Round
  5. 128th overall - 5th Round (looks like I know when I am grabbing lunch)
  6. 158th overall - 6th Round
  7. 188th overall - 7th Round

The full listing of picks is available here. The full range of SBN coverage can be found at the draft hub


And we here at SB Nation will have it all covered.

From the boss' draft day primer:

Attending the draft in Montreal this weekend are eight of the network's top bloggers, coming from as far away as Atlanta and Cornwall, Ont.: Robert of Eyes On The Prize, Matt of Bird Watchers Anonymous, Travis of Broad Street Hockey, David of Die By The Blade, Jules of Pension Plan Puppets, Jim of Blueshirt Banter, Frank from Pensburgh, and Brandon from Defending Big D.

It'll be the biggest undertaking yet for SBN Hockey, and we're planning on having audio, video, pictures and interviews from the draft floor both Friday and Saturday. Several bloggers, including myself, will also be on Twitter as things get going, so feel free to follow our coverage at:



The rest of the hockey blogs' Twitter feeds can be found here.

So turn down the ringer on your phone, hide behind your monitor, and get ready for a couple of crazy days. Go Burke Go!