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2009 NHL Draft: Toronto Maple Leafs Select Jamie Devane 68th Overall

Toronto's third round pick is shown above punching the hell out of Buffalo draft pick Zack Kassian. I think Burke's philosophy on drafting some big boys is a little bit clearer having watched our man speed bag the Sabres' newest player.

He's not just a fighter though, commenter vk88 at MLHS had this to say about Devane:

Hey guys, Devane has won an all-Ontario in Bantam, a championship in midget hockey (point a game player), got 17 points with no power play and fought everyone in the league. He is pedigree champion and a winner. A lot of you will eat your words when he is the toughest sob in the OHL next year and has 60 points to go along with it.

In his first season in the OHL Devane had five goals and twelve assists in sixty four games played.  I think Devane's ceiling is a Lucic style player (however unlikely) but he'll probably be a checking line guy who can come in, throw some hits, win some fights and be inexpensive. 

Professor Steve looked at Devane's fight card and penalties and had this to say:

He is considered by many scouts to have been the toughest player in the OHL last season, and as a rookie in the OHL he registered 92 penalty minutes in 64 games.  Considering 70 of those minutes were from fighting majors, that means he only had an additional 22 minutes from minor penalties over the course of a 64 game schedule.  Frankly that’s a good sign that Devane isn’t a dirty player, and he plays a reasonably clean game aside from the rough stuff when the gloves come off.

The Plymouth Whalers' website has an interview with Devane up that based on mf37's "Five Questions" series a lot of you should like:

On his dream goal…

Game 7 of whatever playoffs. Just a garbage goal in front of the net.

He also professed his love for Ray Emery and Pierre McGuire which is a little confusing, but he's a big kid and I fear that if I rip on him too much he'll find me and I'll get Kassian-ed, so good luck on your future endeavours Mr. Devane!