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CT and Forklift from the great Chicago Blackhawks blog HOCKEENIGHT invited me on to their podcast last night mostly because I assume Down Goes Brown wasn't allowed to use the phone. Note: That's not the last dig I get in on DGB.

You might be familiar with HockeeNight because of the two great podcasts with Down Goes Brown. Handy tip before appearing on a podcast: don't listen to two really good ones beforehand. I don't know that it's as clean as the two that DGB did but it was fun as hell. It's a riotous romp through the minds of three hockey diehards with ADD which means that it flies off into some crazy tangents. Here's an idea of what we covered:

We discuss Michael Jackson, Profiles on for gay guys who like tigers, Michael Jackson some more, a website for people who want to screw around on their spouses, and the Greatest Moustache-for-Moustache Trade Of All Time.

Oh, and the draft, free agency, trades, and shit like that too.

Listen to the first two DGB ones to get that Moustache joke. It's well worth it. We also talked about the Hawks plans to ice 5 centremen at a time, Down Goes Brown's short leash, putting a team in Las Vegas, how amazing it will be to see Emery playing for the Flyers, great Detroit chanst, and Jamie Devane's background among a veritable cornucopia of ridiculousness.

It runs over 70 minutes which surprised me but once we got going it really took off. We even managed to make it organically begin and end on MJ which obviously means that we planned it.