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Guy Love, That's All it Is...

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This picture serves no purpose.  Or does it...?

After a hard day yesterday, I hit the mini putt links.  Speaking of links, here's a crap load.

  • If your 401k tanks at the end of this hockey season, you can blame Sidney Crosby.  At least, I think that's what this article is saying...
  • A mystery worthy of Scooby and the gang's skills.  Too bad Puck Daddy beat them to the punch.
  • The gang in Canes Country may have found JFJ's next job!
  • Hard to summarize this great piece from Gus at MLHS, but if you ever wanted to know the issues surrounding Balsille's acceptance into the NHL owners club, click here.
  • Speaking of buying an NHL team, this group shows JB how it's done.
  • ...and, Melt Your Face Off weighs in on the whole thing. 
  • Leafs Leaks talks draft, Schenn 2.0 and the ongoing Grabovski saga.
  • When it comes to the draft, our GM says it's only 5 players deep (Warning - links to a WCH article.  Readers may experience symptoms including, but not limited to: shortness of breath, vertigo, nausea, oily discharge)
  • Hey remember those three players Burke signed?  Well "Analysis Steve" has got the....ummmm...analysis on them?
  • Monster to land in Toronto in the next two weeks.  One can only hope it's enough time to fortify the city and evacuate the women and children.
  • Touched on yesterday (thanks Chemmy!) Here is a list of possible free agent acquisitions.  Of them all, I like the one who's name rhymes with "Grab It Jo-en"
  • Mike Chen makes a case for Gary Bettman.  What that case is, I'm still not sure. (Glove tap and kudos to mf37 for the link!)
  • Speaking of Mr. mf37, over at Bitter Leaf, he's expanding the horizons and expanding the parameters, expanding the minds of sucker GM amateurs.
  • And, just because, this YouTube clip gives me the giggles.  I never realized sign language was so easy to understand (warning, may be NSFW)


  • The nocturnal Wrap floats a script Hollywood's way (I'll have my people call your people) and throws up some guy love of her own
  • JaredFromLondon talks about the only things that matter come draft day.  No, we ain't talking 'bout practice.