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I Got to Get You in My Suitcase. It's Duty Free...

It's Friday!  Let's kick the day off right.  In honor of MSP and his likeness to Gaz Coombes, here's some Supergrass for you to tap your toes to.  Join me after the video for your usual link explosion.

  • Although unverified (or is it?  I didn't look too hard truth be told...) Leafs Leaks says Brad May is making a return in the Blue and White.
  • More on the Sedins from Norman James
  • Pavel Datsyuk let's slip the secret of becoming a Stanley Cup champion and world class athlete.
  • TSM asks the unmentionable, thinks the unaskable, mentions the unthinkable.  Holy mackinaw!  I can't talk....
  • Our own Euro insider Sleza broke this a few days back.  The NY Times gives us the details on SEL's rejection of the NHL's player transfer proposal.
  • For those of us on the wrong side of the 49th parallel, the NBC and NHL staying together is better than nothing.
  • The much missed Loser Domi finally catches a dial tone on her modem and fills us in on a Pens trip to Denny's.
  • Like a line from an overly sentimental and all around average movie, TO Sports spouts the mantra that could save the Coyotes.
  • Down Goes Brown likes to show a lot of things happenin' at once.
  • On Frozen Blog puts the word out on a worthy cause.  Finally, a good reason to use my Twitter account...