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Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad.

PITTSBURGH @ DETROIT 8 PM EST NBC CBC RDS. The Penguins battled back to win two games at home to tie the series again the Red Wings. Now, it's a two out of three situation for Lord Stanley. The Pens have chance to capitalize on momentum coming off two wins, but can that be done in Detroit? Coach Babcock said that Pavel Datsyuk will be returning to the Wings line up tonight after sitting out games from a foot injury. Evgeni Malkin continues to be a bulldozer, with a wreckin' ball attached, demolishing any Red Wing in his path. But the Pens have also had to work out a containment strategy for Henrik Zetterberg, who has been on the warpath of his own. Octopi will being flung.

First to two wins it all. The season is now really dwindling...This is your game day thread.