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The Draft Board: Brayden Schenn

In preparation for the NHL Draft, we're going to run down the top 15 players as ranked by the ISS and have our users vote for how good they think each player will become to help us prepare our draft board. Chemmy's actually working (in the real world not here) so I'm back the ISS #6, Brayden Schenn.

Today's topic is an important one: just how good do we think that Brayden Schenn will become? It's tough to avoid projecting his older brother's qualities onto him. You might have heard of him. We've mentioned him once or twice. Our Luke and Saviour is just 23 months older than Brayden. Pat Quinn and Brian Burke have both mentioned that he believe in the value of bloodlines. Just look at the Stastnys and Sutters (not as management). If the parents did a good job with the first kid then odds are that the second one will turn out at least as good. In terms of character, I think it's safe to say that Luke Schenn has shown everything that a fan could hope to see from a future leader so more of the same would be a safe bet. But what about Brayden on the ice?

It's not hard to find glowing reviews of the Brandon Wheat King. Playing for a team that has developed a number of NHLers including Dustin Byguglien and Ron Hextall he has been their top scorer in both seasons, improving on his points total in each season:

Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)






NHL Director of Central Scouting, E.J. McGuire has a ridiculously great sounding description of the possible future Leaf (warning, the following will increase salivation):

"Brayden is of the power-forward ilk. He has learned a little about the NHL from his older brother Luke Schenn and he knows how to go to the net. He is a threat to score at all times on the ice and dishes the puck very effectively to his linemates in getting the amount of assists that he does. He takes the puck to the net with the kind of authority that a Jonathan Cheechoo does, yet has puck dishing capacities that maybe a Joe Thornton does. Both are tough players, both are tough to move out in front of the net and Brayden fits that ilk perfectly."

Wow, cross an NHL MVP with a former Rocket Richard Trophy winner and you get Brayden Schenn I guess. Hockey's Future notes that he's expected to stay with Brandon next season as they are hosting the Memorial Cup. So what does this Schenn character look like on the ice? I'm glad you asked:

Obviously, not having seen Schenn play much makes it difficult to gauge his potential. As I noted, the importance of bloodlines cannot be discounted. Then again, Gretzky's brothers did jack squat. That point per game stat looks really good when you consider that the Dub is much more tight checking than either the O or the Q.

So PPPers, what say you? Where is Brayden Schenn's ceiling as an NHLer? Vote and defend yourself from the slings and arrows of outrage.