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Your Garden Variety Linkage...

A good friend of mine had a blog post up about, amongst other things, his fairly low opinion of Kanye West and his affinity for fur.  That got me to thinking about how I could help expose our readers here to the vegan lifestyle.  All I could think of was this...

Somehow, I don't think that helps.  Still, I'm hungry...

  • Only eyebleaf could write a post about cheering for Marian Hossa as a Leafs fan.  Is it too late for me to change my mind and root for the Penguins?
  • Down Goes Brown wants to take away the ONLY penalty Kerry Fraser can not mess up, unless of course, it somehow involves the Leafs.  No, I'm not bitter...
  • It's June and TSM wants to talk about Christmas and exercise regimens.  Oh, and the "dust up in the desert."  Throw in a link about a good cause and rumors of changes afoot and I think we're golden.
  • mc79 has a few posts up for those of you who like your hockey X's and O's to equal something.
  • Norman James can't figure out who's watching the last hockey games of the season. 
  • Toronto Mike talks about "Down Goes Brown," not Down Goes Brown.  Or do I have those backwards?
  • Leafs Leaks has the answers.  All they need now, are your questions.
  • Toronto Sports returns to it's highlight of late round draft pick surprises.  I miss Almo...
  • Puck Daddy brings us up to speed on Gary Bettman's riot act.  Be warned, if Gary doesn't like how you clicked on the link, be prepared for a fine.
  • I tried to think of something clever to put here, but all of Gaborik's groin injuries just make me wince...
  • Garrioch says the Bruins and Kessel remain far apart.  Our SBN friends at Cup of Chowdah provide the details.  Considering this is "Malkin to the Kings" we're talking about, the details are sparse.
  • Sticking with our circle of friends, Domink talks about Bizarro Brian Burke (aka Garth Snow) and just what to do with that first overall pick.
  • The Kings have another suitor for their draft pick, but what the Rangers are selling may be too rich.
  • Four Habs Fans have the tail of another prospect too ashamed to cross the pond and pull on a Habs jersey.
  • For my fellow armchair GMs, look at all these rumours.