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...There is Nothing That Cannot Happen Today

Eyebleaf, my patron saint of optimism, would probably agree with Mark Twain's quote above.  Me, not so much.  Of course, after the reaction of Gomez for Higgins by Habs fans, they may be wishing nothing would happen...

I'm approaching today with equal parts trepidation, excitement and apathy.  I'm nervous about the potential for "Do Not Want" free agents (Chris Neil for example) to be signed today.  However, the potential for Cammalleri(!!!1) to come home to roost is something I'm openly rooting for.  But then, there's the fact that after a very small handful (four to be precise) of free agents that interest me, there's a sea of mediocrity that really doesn't do much for me.

How will this day shake down?  As Leafs fans, we're all accustomed to preparing for the worst.  The thing is, today, what is "the worst" for some, is the greatest thing that could happen for others.  So, suffice to say, I guarantee at least one Leafs fan will go to bed disappointed.  Will it be you?

  • DGB has a few thoughts as we approach free agency. Every other one revolves around Chris Neil. Obsess much?
  • Having not read DGB's post, Norman James has a Chris Neil prediction.
  • The Old Guys in Blue and White hate Dany Heatley.  So do trees, and Ferraris, and sens fans...  
  • TSM has a few words he'd like to share with the Monster, or at least his agent (ɟlǝsɹnoʎ ¡#*ɟ oƃ.)  Nothing to see here, moving along.
  • The Meatriarchy makes peace with what, more and more, appears to be the inevitable.
  • MLHS has a series of stories to watch as draft day begins, including the remaining barriers to a Kaberle trade.
  • Cycle Like the Sedins speaks with our beloved overlord PPP about, amongst other things, Chris Neil.
  • The Bleacher Report runs down a list of free agent possibilities for the Leafs. The good news: no Chris Neil.
  • Lastly, this corner of nonsense is quickly becoming my most favoritest sight in all the interwebs. If you're needing a break from the insanity, click here.

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