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Blue and White and Fuzzy.

Ok, real talk time. Y'all are an amazing group, you know that right? You make this community something amazing and unique and I love you all for it. We have our memes and macros and inside jokes. The internet is a wonderful place and this Leafer Nation is a quilt that covers far-reaching places. It keeps us warm while still uniting us all. Which is why the clip below is even more awesome.

Hitler reacts to all this Dany Heatley nonsense. The subtitles are NSFW, but all hilarious


Here are your Friday links. And OMG BURKIE WE NEED MORE THINGS TO HAPPEN. You know how it goes, I'll lengthen the list on your lunchbreak for your power up;

I heard there is cake in the conference room. I'll be back for that. Email, twitter or drop in the comments anything I missed. Don't tell management I'm stealing the Post-Its. How goes it, lurkers?