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Looking For Some Hot Stuff

How this Reign of Princess Wrap treating you? Wonderful I hope. So because I am a deeply superficial person I happened up this YouTube video. Allegedly, the Ten Hottest Goalies of 2009, skill not accounted for. Now I am all about these kinds of things but uhhhh this list is just out of order. But bonus points have to be awarded for the song choice, truly awesome. So why don't we fix this top ten? And you know what, it doesn't even have to be goalies from this past season because studs are timeless.


Onto our links. Drop in the comments anything I missed and I will update the list. I aim to please;

That list looks too short. Anyways, if you want a reference for what time this is being constructed; I am watching the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Michael Buble is on, talking about "Hong-couver, Japanada," playing hockey and buying the Vancouver Giants. Archi and I concluded the suit is amazing.