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Just Dropped In

Editor's Note: If you are a regular reader of this site you will likely have noticed that our Britishness has fallen by approximately 47.6%. Unfortunately, it's going to stay at precariously low levels for the foreseeable future. Mattblack had to scale back his role after finding a new job that didn't include being forced to read 500 websites for links and unfortunately he'll have to curtail his weekend participation for the time being as well. We'll always hold the door open for that Manc bastard (mostly so that I can slam it in his face) and hopefully we'll see him back soon.

In the interim, the only female Princess, Wrap Around Curl, will be taking over weekend FTB duties. If you have any links that you want to pass along for Saturday or Sunday keep in mind that she puts it together the night before around 10PM PST. Google Reader is notoriously delayed so toss her an e-mail once you publish. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

I know you all are just looking at the clock, waiting for the NHL schedule to come out. Be patient! Then you can start planning all your hockey adventures. I know I will be. It's another thing to occupy time until the season starts again. Off season is rough. 


Here is your short list of links. Slide me anything I missed:

Lunch time powerup;