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Leafs Sign Komisarek and Orr, Acquire Exelby, Get More Truculent


Let's Dance to Joy Division and Celebrate the Irony!

Yes, let's dance to Joy Division and raise our glass to the ceiling!  After foolishly allowing my hopes to be lifted for a moment, only to have them torn to shreds, lit on fire, pissed on, buried, dug back up and used for toilet paper yesterday, I feel a bit better.  Maybe you can relate?

The world hasn't ended (yet...) and when all is said and done, I don't have to be Bob Gainey and explain the roster I just cobbled together like a junkie in a crack house free basing Windex and using my last $5 for Kleenex...what was my point?  Oh ya, the Habs may have gotten one good FA (I don't need to tell you who he is) but the rest, well the rest are Windex and Kleenex.  Again, lost my point, moving on...

It's Day Two of free agency.  Still some intriguing names out there, and a butt tonne (and a half, wee Ian White...) of d men on the Leafs roster.  Burke was mostly all talk yesterday, and it's starting to become par for the course.  That said, the rest of the league hates him, he revels in it, and I like him more every time he opens his mouth to talk about pugnacious tenacity and bellicose beligernece.

In honor of my river deep mountain high emotional roller coaster, enjoy the Wombats!  Links after the vid.



  • Archi checks out the beauty of bellicosity and belligerence, the pulchritudinous of pugnacity and the handsomeness of hardihood.
  • With day one in the books, Bitter Leaf mf37 takes a look at our Leafs. Skinny up the middle and lots of junk in the trunk if ya catch my drift.
  • Dr. Steve (PHD in Hockey) uses stats, science and a little common sense to point out when you sign/trade for a couple hundred pounds of defense and thin out your offense, you just might tilt the ice in the wrong direction.
  • The Leafs are the worst team in the league, and when you find out why, you'll agree too! Down Goes Brown takes time out from taunting sens fans (well, at least until the very end of the article) to tell you why.
  • Outlier management or analysis is the process where one tries to root cause anomalies within a process or product, and through a process of trial and error and analytical research, attempts to lessen the outliers impact on overall results. Case in point: Pavel Kubina was the only d-man to play all 82 games for the Leafs. An outlier in relation to the rest of the defense. Solution? Trade him. The general brings the science.
  • TSM recaps the day that was. Lions and tigers and bears oh my!
  • Remember when Dany Heatley was an incredibly remorseful young man who made a horrendous and foolish mistake? The kind of mistake young men are sometimes wanton to do. But, Heatley's mistake resulted in the death of his best friend, and the pain was so much, we all understood when he needed to get away. Well, screw that guy! Furcifer gives you the what's what on "Heater" and his prima-donna ways.
  • Saving the best for last, our own Loser Domi is having a contest!  I've begun work on my own entry, I call it "Nik Hagman Gives Me Funny Feelings in My No No Places."