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Hello From California...Where the Toronto Maple Leafs Aren't and...

Where we had the hottest day on record since 1899.  I accept all forms of pity.

First, for the ladies.  Some hockey related guy on guy (on guy) action.  You're welcome.



It's nice to know I can take a vacation, and Brian Burke will do the same.  Some guy named Rickard got signed, and that's been about it.  Also, it's disgustingly hot here in CenCal, and perhaps, in your neck of the woods as well...?  Save yourself a few bones and stay away from the AC.  Click on the icy cool links below instead.

Also, Music Monday will make it's return next week.  I left things a little too late, as I'm often wanton to do (Procrastination, it's not just a triple word score in scrabble, it's a way of life.  If you ever get around to living...)