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The Tooth Fairy Doesn't Pay Minimum Wage

Remember when there were hockey games on, and PPP an Chemmy would regale us with their wordsmithian ways.  Post upon post of fried gold goodness.  Throughout the Barlkosphere, a plethora of brilliance jammed up the intertubes.  Good times...

Non sequitur; I'm being told the going rate for a child's first lost tooth is $5.  Call me Scrooge, but that's insane.  I know with inflation, times have changed, and a quarter doesn't buy you what it used to, but twenty quarters worth?

For those not in the know, my daughter lost her first tooth.  Not hockey related.  At least, not directly.  Had she lost it blocking a slap shot, maybe it would be more topical.  Some day perhaps...

EMBED-Malkin takes slap shot off someones face - Watch more free videos

To the links!

  • Bitter Leaf seems to think someone at MLSE knows what they're doing.  Crazy talk I know, but here's the science.
  • Pal Hal Pall likes rules so much, he wants even more applied to NHL jerseys.
  • Wrap is looking for a good mustache. Too bad I shaved mine off after vacation. Also, I look ridiculous rocking one...
  • Arch wants you to not look like you just rolled out from your mother's basement. Get yourself upwardly mobile and take the man's advice.
  • Fallen Leafs would like you to meet our very own top 6 forward.  That's some Kool-Aid I think we can all drink.
  • MLHS hits the links. Bunkers and bogeys galore...
  • Hockey Talk From 2 Leaf Fans is tired of Howard Berger. It's like deja vu all over again.
  • MYFO tailgates Ovechkin
  • A run down of the most tired cliches in hockey. Coming in at #3, "truculence."
  • The Strangest One wonders: if the league held an expansion draft today, who would go unprotected?
  • The Miracle on Ice turns 30 next year. Just in time for the 2010 games in Vancouver. I think I just figured out the angle American based networks will be using in their coverage...