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Maple Leafs Acquire Primeau and 2nd Round Pick; Barilkosphere Finally Has Something to Write About

Lots of confusion kicked off this trade, but with some time, informed discussions and a few (4) beers, I'm liking this trade.  Honestly, I once thought Stralman had the potential to some day replace Kaberle on our blue line.  Why?  I have no idea.   The more I read, the more I realized other than one great end to end rush, he's not done much.

You'll see from the links that the response was varied on this trade.  I tried to find some highlight vids of Wayne Primeau, and came up with minimal.  Here's a highlight reel goal of his while with the Bruins.  Not holding my breath on seeing anything like this in the blue and white though.

Epic Wayne Primeau Goal (via Hockeyman127)