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Toronto Maple Leafs Lock Up Mikhail Grabovski On Day Two of Free Agency

This is the part where I, with the assistance of my co-host, summarize the new addition signings of the past day.



That's right.  A big goose egg in the action department.  You know that means?  Minimum action in the Barilkosphere (pro tip to Brian Burke, we are like cattle and react well to prodding.)  Here's to the hardcores who gave me something to work with!

  • Our own bitter Leaf, mf37 asks "Do you know the street value of this truculence!?!?"
  • Another secret conversation, another Down Goes Brown breaking exclusive! Today's installment:  the real reason why Heatley didn't waive his NTC to go to Edmonton.
  • Over the past few days Burke has made some moves.  Pal Hal Pall is giving us the long view (well, long a view as 24 hours or so can give us)
  • Karina ruined my big reveal by fan shotting this last night, but here it is anyways. TSM has heard rumblings of a potential three way trade between the Leafs, Sharks and Hawks. Details are scarce and names involved non-existent. Speculate away!
  • Get to know the man I call Joe (and you call KOMIKAZI!!!!1) a little better. His recent league conference call sheds some light on the man, the mirth. the living being.


  • eyebleaf finds video proof that Habs fans obsession with fire actually does extend beyond Police cars.  Good for them, diversifying like that.