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Toronto Maple Leafs Do Absolutely Nothing - Film at Eleven

Day three of free agency has come and gone and the Leafs, along with every team not named the Kings or Avalanche were fairly quiet.

This is the spot where Mattblack regales us with his quirky "Britishness" and we all smile and nod.  Sadly, he was up all night at a rave and had a nasty accident involving glow sticks and body paint.  He should be all better and ready to roll in time for tomorrow.

  • Loser Domi comes to grips with the loss of yet another major character's departure from the Leafs.
  • Dr Steve waves goodbye to the Rick Nash rumors.
  • MLHS forgets all about Nash and thinks Versteeg.
  • Norman James ushers in the year of the Kovalchuk rumors.
  • TO Sports says a bunch of stuff about a few things. I'm at a loss for links on such short notice...
  • thinks with a net minder upgrade and another goal scorer, the Leafs could be playoff bound.  I think eyebleaf now writes for