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Leafs GM Brian Burke Signs Beauchemin, Answers Prayers

Yesterday marked a happy occasion for Leaf fans everywhere.  Former Duck Francois Beauchemin signed a three year deal to ply his trade for the Leafs.  In other news, squeals of joy were heard round the world at about 15:30 eastern.


Hey baybee would you like to sit on my pucks?

In other news, supposedly, today is the day Jonas Gustavsson becomes one of the greatest Swedish goalies ever, or that bum playing for Dallas.  Stick around Pension Plan Puppets for instantaneous outpourings of joy/mockery.  That is, if anything does happen.  Having been here before with another Swede, I'm not exactly holding my breath, ya know...?

So here's the thing, Blurr is on vaycay. But still was noble enough to toss this post together before peacing out. What a gentleman. So that leaves me, Princess Wrap, in charge of FTB for the week. Aren't you all excited? I get to inflict animated gifs and my terrible music on you. Nawwww, I would never be that cruel. That's what game threads are for.

If I forgot anyone, sorry. Leave your grievances in the comments. And just a heads up; I'm writing the FTBs at 10pm my time, which is west coast.

PPP UPDATE: Greener seems to have shaken Moose's shackles once again as he puts a terrible tune in your head.