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SBN Adds Mobile Commenting and Twitter, Ruins Your Productivity

Mobile Commenting

In the brilliant tech team's quest to ensure that you are never without your fix of sports news SBN has finally released mobile commenting. There's actually almost always been a mobile site ( but all you could do was read the post and comments and stew at the thought of mere circumstance stifling your brilliant contributions. Well, stew no longer! The team obviously did their best to get all of the bugs out prior to launching the update but nobody's perfect. They used the most common devices that accessed the network but if you encounter any problems be sure to let them know by e-mailing support at sbnation dot com. Give them as much detail as possible on your device, operating system, bank account numbers and they'll get back to you quicker than a Nigerian prince can wire a fortune of stolen gold.

Twitter Integration

There's actually two parts to this update. The first is to remind you that you can link your SBN account to your Twitter account:

1) LINK YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT: Login to SB Nation, click your screen name in the network bar up at the top of the page, then click 'Edit Account'. From there click the 'Associate a Twitter stream with your account' link and follow the instructions to hook it up.

2) SHARE FANPOSTS + FANSHOTS ON TWITTER: Now when you click 'New FanPost' or 'New FanShot', you'll notice a checkbox at the bottom of the screen that you can click to reveal a text area to write your tweet. We take care of generating the short URL. All you have to do is click the 'Publish' button. BTW, if you skipped step 1 you can link your Twitter account directly from the FanPost and FanShot editors. And we make sure you won't lose your work in the process.

Here's a visual of the area where you can do the linking:


Once you click on that link you can just follow the prompts. After that it's a piece of cake to share your fanposts or fanshots with twitter.

The new way that you can use twitter is in the individual posts. If you think it's a good post you can re-tweet it (because we tweet everything...couldn't they have come up with dumber sounding names for these actions?) either by clicking at the top:


Or at the bottom:


You'll notice that there are two other icons other than Twitter. You can also share it on Facebook or Digg. We'd appreciate if you used these features since they help spread the word about our community. More exposure means more commenters and more commenters mean a more robust community and a more robust community means more discussion, more fanposts, and more fanshots. Hopefully that eventually means that we might get more money to spend on free beer as we did at the draft so basically if you click these buttons you'll get free beer.*

*Legal mumbo jumbo. Offer only valid at officially sanctioned PPP events and beer will come in 140 oz pitchers.