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Leafs Wave Bye Bye Bye (Bye Bye) to Pogge, Barilkosphere Explodes

The man, the myth, the legend; these are the things you may be reading about Justin Pogge in the main stream media.  None of them are true.

Today's collection of links looks at every aspect of the Pogge deal, ad nauseum.  Enjoy the final farewell.


Fans telegraph Justin Pogge's future in the Leafs organization

  • Steve questions the sanity of moving a depth player from an already weak position.
  • TSM has a look at the man rumored to be signing on as Pogge's replacement, Joey MacDonald.
  • TML Central thinks Brian Burke is trying to say something by moving Justin Pogge.
  • Toronto Mike sums up the pro-Pogge camp's feelings in 7 words and....
  • ...being slightly wordier, eyebleaf summarizes the anti-Pogge camp in 10.
  • Fallen Leafs wonders if Justin Pogge is...well, a fallen Leaf.
  • Speaking of myths and legends, jrwendelman has an interview with a true Canadian icon.
  • MLHS wonders who the next Leafs captain should be.
  • A two-fer from TML-Nation.  First, an inside look at the Nazdaq's performance during the Canadian Junior Hockey training camps (is it just me, or is my stock rising?  In my pants! Hello!)  Then they look at Jiri Tlusty's big mean...hmmm. Let's start over. Does Jiri Tlusty have the complete Can Tlusty play hockey better than most overexposed prospects. Forget it. TlustyNSFW!!!1. (btw - totally safe for work.)